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StartCom,  an international company combining a group of crypto-traders in its structure. Which adapts to all the features of the rapidly changing situation of the crypto-currency market. The company has the best tools, first-class bidding strategies and reliable protection.

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About us

History of the creation and development of the company «StartCom». In 2018, our group decided to set up its own business to work with investors' trust funds, and to derive income from the volatility of the crypto currency.

Affiliate program

«StartCom» provides a bonus for attracting new partners in the amount of 7-2-1% of each deposit of your referral. Individual interest, for depositors with a team.

Why us?

  • Many years of successful trading experience
  • Favorable transactions, confirmed by the result
  • The winner of awards for the best conditions of the Trust Management
  • Instant processing of financial transactions anywhere in the world
  • Enhanced protection to ensure the safe operation of your investment
  • Daily backup of all databases
  • The largest analytical center of the crypto-currency market
  • Transparent statistics
  • Startcom provides its investors with a daily agreed profit
  • We use the best sites
  • You do not need to have special skills, just open a deposit
  • Security and legal protection